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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 19, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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heroin a uniformed police officer and one of the other defendants ran a heroin organization allegedly, where they got drugs from suppliers in africa and distributed it to customers in the baltimore area. the document further alleges that redd carry a firearm while conducting the illegal activities. it is important that it was the baltimore police department that brought the case to the fbi. they use wiretapping. u.s. attorney spoke about it. >> the success and the future of the baltimore police is in part going to be part of the ability to identify cases like this one and participate in prosecuting the perpetrators, identifying and catching the perpetrators.
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>> now, redd is charged with possession and intent to distribute heroin and carrying a firearm while conducting a drug trafficking activities. he faces life in prison, and depending on how this goes, he could face a minimum of 55 years in prison. we will have much more on this developing story tonight at 6:00. we are live the outside federal court, lowell melser, wbal tv news. >> investigation of a landlord accused of ignoring federal rules and putting his tenants in danger with lead paint. >> we have more details with barry. >> for baltimore city, he has been a problematic landlord. today, he faced charges in federal court pending.
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the attorney says the landlord has accepted responsibility. >> upon advice of counsel and accepting responsibility for what he is responsible for, he owned up, if accepted the plea. >> murrell says he failed to let tenants know that there were led based paint hazards. he allow workers to handle abatement work while tenants were on site, and in august of last year, no supervisor was present when workers provided lead paint abatement. >> we have evidence that there were pregnant women and children living in these houses that were not given notice about the risks. >> he owns and manages approximately 60 runge properties if he is accredited as a lead paint supervisor --
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approximately 68 properties. he is accredited. >> it is important that owners take responsibility and act when they should, when owners first move in. >> he has been fined because of problems with its properties. he received a $20,000 state penalty in 2007 for failing to improve 52 properties. he was also ordered to spend time in jail for alleged patent violations, and just last month, there were criminal charges against him -- spent time in jail note -- he was also ordered to spend time in jail for alleged lead paint violations. now that he has pled guilty to federal charges, they want him to serve 18 months in federal prison. >> i think what is potentially egregious about this is that he knows he has been exposing people to this for years. he has had repeated
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opportunities to cure the problem, and he simply has ignored the rules. >> we do not need to warehouse people. some people belong in jail. other people do not. mr. murrell but does not come in my opinion, and we will present that to the judge. -- mr. murrell does not, in my opinion. >> police are asking for your help to identify suspects in a stabbing. authorities have released these pictures of the suspects involved. anyone with any information on this case is urged to call police immediately. >> a 16-year-old was accused of shooting at some security guards. he is charged with attempted first-degree murder in thursday night's violence outside a
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townhome complex. the 32-year-old female officer has been released from hospital but will have more surgery for a gunshot wound in the eye. the male officer is still in the hospital with serious but stable condition. if police are still looking for a second suspect in the case. >> police are looking for a gunman. a victim was rushed to shock trauma, where he was pronounced dead. police say they have no motive in the case. meanwhile, one man called the police to say he accidentally shot his wife. a call came in for a medic to go to force glen rove. that is when they found the victims' suffering from a gunshot wound to the upper body. she is expected to recover from her injuries. detectives are still investigating the case. >> and we have breaking news right now in baltimore. let's go live to captain roy taylor and skyteam 11.
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>> yes, between lafayette and harlem avenue, police are on the scene of what we understand was a serious stabbing at the scene. actually, we hear that it was a cutting. the victim has been transported to shock trauma. if we can tell you that this is shut down in both directions, gilmore, between harlin and lafayette, while they investigate. reporting live from skyteam 11, i am captain roy taylor. >> and nationwide attention given to a tax on bullets. otis rolley says this is just part of his plan. >> he says his bullet tax would simply make life harder for criminals. the also takes a page from the martin o'malley playbook by promising a certain result in crime reduction. >> the plan i am announcing today is not some sort of touchy-feely, soft-on-crime
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approach. >> in announcing his plan today, he made a promise about those results he thinks he can achieve. >> a reduction in violent crime in my first term. >> he promises to create crime cabinet to continue to focus on offenders. he wants to reduce the possession of small amounts of marijuana, similar to getting cited for public drunkenness. >> a lot of time and energy is wasted by a record and by our police officers spending time uote "petty crimes." >> he got everyone's attention by imposing a $1 per turbotax. >> -- $1 per bullet tax.
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>> they were talking about the grand prix race. >> the mayor has been able to find money for raises, the mayor has been able to raise money for her campaign, a lot of money, from what i hear, but yeah, she has been unable to find the resources necessary to provide more jobs for our youth and more opportunities for them. >> the rawlings-blake campaign did not respond directly, only saying that they are focused on running the city. >> thank you. police in anne arundel county are searching for a man who robbed three women in annapolis after 8:00 last night at the comfort inn hotel. police say all three victims are in their sixties. the suspect got away in a van with washington, d.c. license plates. if you have any information,
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call the anne arundel county police. >> the heat and humidity this afternoon, some scattered showers and thunderstorms that popped up, so far no severe weather, though there is some frequent cloud to ground lightning. they have been weakening in the last hour or so, but they are still out there. up in frederick county. these are in the southeast. this moved over into queen anne canty. this will probably go into parts of howard county, maybe even western baltimore county, so scattered thunderstorms. take an umbrella with you. expect some rain in some neighborhoods. we focus more on the key to. temperatures in the upper 90's we do we focus more on the heat -- we focus more on the heat. temperatures in the upper 90's. >> there is a possible deal in the deadlock over hiking the
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debt ceiling. the plan has bipartisan backing, and it does include tax hikes. we have more. >> president obama announced what he called the good news. >> and i think we are now seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> a proposal by the gang of 6, three democrats and republicans in the senate plus new backers. it would raise the debt limit, deeply cut spending, an ad tax hikes demanded by democrat spin >> -- and add tax hikes demanded by democrats. they are pushing for a constitutional amendment to balance future budgets. >> cut federal spending at least back to its 2008 levels. >> without imposing higher taxes on the small-business people. >> but the democratic senate rejects that. the short-term deal crafted by senate leaders harry reid and
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mitch mcconnell. >> i do think it is responsible for us to look at what the plant note -- what plan b would look like. >> there was a letter, warning legislators not stupid -- not to back plan b. >> we are here because the american people told us overwhelmingly, "cut the spending, cut the debt." >> in fact, americans are divided. 55% in a recent poll said spending was the problem. 55% in another poll said that not hiking the debt ceiling was a serious problem. president obama said both problems could get fixed by the gang of 6 plan. >> both political parties attended today's gang of 6 meeting. that is a positive plan. in getting the details were done in time for the august 2 deadline, that is now planned --
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plan a. >> see how the federal debt has grown over years. the interactive graphic is on just click on "project economy." >> helping some autistic children learn. >> also, a kind of human genius. a surgical technique to a tree during fibroids. we will look at that tonight in the medical alert -- a surgical technique to treat computer ran fibroids -- to treat uterine fibroids. >> a welcome sight in reisterstown.
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>> well, they have done it again. john hopkins hospital was named the number one hospital in the "u.s. news and world report" rankings. five specialties, urology, psychiatrist, a year, knows, and throw, and others. -- ear, nose, and throat, and
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others. >> in tonight's "medical alert," millions of women may have access to health control if some have their way. a panel recommended that the government require insurance companies to cover contraception as a preventive service without co-payments. it is one of eight services recommended, including screening for hpv, which is -- a final decision is expected to be issued pretty quickly. doctors are now using a cutting edge technology to treat uterine fibroids that is much less interested than hysterectomy, and it could give some the gift of motherhood -- is much less invasive than hysterectomy. >> a day in the park with a child may seem commonplace to some, but to this 30-year-old woman, it is practically a miracle. >> a hysterectomy or to get a
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surrogate to have my own children. >> she suffered from a huge tangle of arteries and veins in the uterous. >> it could start to cause heavy, heavy bleeding. >> and interventional radiologist.was using its 3-d imaging to treat uterine fibroids, and she wondered if it could help curb. this is what her mri looks like. >> the 3-d technique lets us untangle this spaghetti-bowl like situation. >> a tiny catheter 3 artery. >> it is like the gps in your car. >> they were trying to choke
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off the blood supply. they naturally dissolve overtime. >> when we were done, all of this was gone. >> it dramatically reduces radiation exposure. >> we are reducing radiation 70% with this technique, and, in fact, our procedure is taking us only 45 minutes or less. >> there are only minor side effects with minor cramping. patients must spend the night in the hospital. ms. 3-d technique allows them to spare the vessels that were needed to have a baby -- the 3-d technique allows them to spare the vessels. >> we can change their lives. >> there is nothing like having your own children. there is nothing like it. good job, a baby girl. >> the doctor says he has treated 10 women so far, and he has had a success rate of 100%, but he said there is no guarantee that women can conceive but says that the
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technique is improving all of the time. a program involving the ipad to help autistic children learn. it helps increase a child response time. one family bought an ipad for their artistic seven-year-old, and they say he has made big improvements in class. >> it takes a minute to figure out, and now they are doing it in a matter of seconds. >> they are looking to find new educational applications for other students, and they hope others will donate applications to help them. and use a larger for when you are dining out. a new study from the university of utah found that when customers were given a larger portions, they 8 less food overall. -- they ate less food. having a large forked -- fork
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provides a clue. doctors from john hopkins and cedars sinai says that the surgeons behavior in the operating room sets the tone for the surgery. those who scored higher in civility had your post operative death and complications. and some say they try to avoid difficult doctors, even if they have a question about medication orders. >> now, your 11 insta-weather forecast. >> well, it certainly feels tropical out there this afternoon. the dewpoint climbed into the 70's, and in there, there have been some thunderstorms. like i said at the top of the show, some reports of heavy rain and clouds them a ground lightning. that is not necessarily bad news -- some reports of heavy rain and clouds to ground
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lightning. we have some rain in anne arundel county, as well. these storms here that are in the southern part around i-95 in aberdeen, they are crossing over into canada and queen anne's county. -- into kent and quenn anne's county. it does not feel any better. the dew points are in the 70's. the close of the temperature is to the dewpoint, the more saturated it is. when you see a dew point at 75, that is troubled and very uncomfortable. a core of our heat is off to our west. we are going to get our fair share of it but probably not until the end of the week.
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it looks like it is really going to save us, but it is not. it will dissipate. it is going to be strong enough to keep whatever is left of the tropical storm off of the coast, and this has been exposed away from the convention. sustained winds of 50 m.p.h., and the hurricane center thinks it will stay offshore. but the cloudy skies, a chance of a thunderstorm or shower this evening. temperatures will drop back into the 70's. it will be monday and uncomfortable. a 20% chance for a thunderstorm in the afternoon -- it will be muggy and uncomfortable. then the real heat comes in. near 100. thursday and friday, the heat index probably around 105 both of those days. some scattered storms over the weekend will gradually not down the heat -- knock down the heat. the heat is on, folks.
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>> thank you. rupert murdoch " and his sons fought off questions and an attacker. we will explain. >> tim tooten live in the newsroom. >> i am rob roblin. a new bridge opens in baltimore county.
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geico, saving people money, on more than just car insurance.
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"educationht's alert," paying teachers and principals based on their performance. >> they are trying to create performance model to have on hand for local school districts to use later. tim tooten is live in the newsroom with that story. >> this is a hot and sometimes controversial issue. marilyn is one of many states taking up the issue, and many plans for performance pay would come with no strings attached. >> using what you already have, we are going to make some modifications to what we did before. >> they have assigned a work group to come up with a model that would benefit local school districts who want to use it to
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reward their teachers and principals. >> districts across the country are talking about it. we know that some states have implemented models. some states have stopped implementing, so it is compensation, it is tied to all of the other initiatives that we have going on with a race to the top. >> race to the top is a federal education program, where state school systems receive millions of dollars in exchange for making changes. that is why maryland is taking a second look at performance pay. >> this is not a get rich quick scheme, but what it does is provide local districts with some best practices, and if some choose to try it, it must be collectively bargained with its unit. >> last year, baltimore city school teachers signed a landmark contract, one that allows them to use performance about tuitions to receive more pay. the state board of education 1
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would be optional. >> it seems a way to honor and reward your most exemplary teachers, so you want to look for programs that really offer substantial sums of money, often in concert with other things, like the promise of a great principle or being part of a great team of reform. -- the promise of a great principal or being part of a great team of reform. >> live in the newsroom, tim tooten, wbal tv 11 news. >> thanks. five baltimore schools have made the list of persistently dangerous schools, where students were expended or region suspended -- where students were suspended or expelled.
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some were placed on probationary status. local school systems are required to report suspensions and were suspensions -- suspensions and expulsions. >> captain roy taylor in skyteam 11. >> this is near fifth avenue. baltimore city fire crews on the scene of a fire. they are making a very aggressive attack to try to get this thing out. reporting live in skyteam 11, i am captain roy taylor. >> all right, thank you. straight ahead, a look at today's stories, including the robbery inside a baltimore hotel. >> and a look at rupert murdoch and the phone-hacking scandal plaguing a portion of his media empire. >> i am rob roblin. a new
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>> new tonight at 5:30, a new bridge in reisterstown, and that means less traffic in the neighborhood and hopefully more peace and quiet for the residents. the new cherry hill bridge opened today, much to the delight of residence. >> they waited for this, and they cannot wait to use it. rob roblin was at the opening. >> for the residents who lived
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in reisterstown, this brand new bridge is a big deal. >> it was taking for ever to be fixed. finally, having it done, i feel it will be stress st. -- stress free for a lot of people. >> they cut the ribbon. and the cherry hill road bridge in reisterstown was finally opened. it took over two years to build the bridge, but it has been in the works for a lot longer. >> it has been on the books for 30 years, so i promised residents when i was a councilman here that we would get this bridge finally completed, and i am glad to be your to cut the ribbon. >> this means a lot less traffic in the neighborhoods. >> hopefully, this bridge will eliminate some of the traffic coming from the highway. that is what i am looking for. >> it was creating a lot of traffic for small streets. this should help a lot. >> this is a great day into the
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residence and we spoke to. >> i can drive straight through, and they are right on the other side. >> we have been waiting two years for the bridge to open, and we have been driving around to try to get to reisterstown road, and this is just a very exciting time for the neighborhood. [car horns] >> it was open to traffic. >> we get 450 to 500 cars per hour to go by that neighborhood. now, i can sit out on the deck, and it is nice. no whoosh, whoosh. >> it costs $6 million. rob roblin, wbal tv 11 news. >> here is a look at some of the top stories at this hour. anne arundel county police need your help the -- your help
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finding this man. if you think you know who this man is, you are asked to call the metro crime stoppers, 1- 866-7-lock up. the search is on for a man that robs some women at the comfort inn hotel -- a man that robs some women. all of the women were in their sixties. he got away in a dark blue sedan with washington, d.c. license plates. if you have any information, you should call the anne arundel county police. and a man called around 7:30 to say he accidentally shot his wife on forest glen road. they found the victims' suffering from a gunshot wound to the upper body. she is expected to survive for injuries. detectives are still investigating. >> at the rupert murdoch testimony, a scuffle broke out.
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it sounds kind of like a novel, but that was the drama that played out today in that phone hacking scandal. we have the latest from london. >> in london, just as the gripping testimony of rupert murdoch and his son james was wrapping up, testimony that this country has been wanting to hear for weeks now, a story that has really become global, something else happens, and it was strange. as you can see in this video, someone comes up from behind rupert murdoch, a member of the public. he seems to be holding a tin. it is said now that it was shaving cream, sort of a pie in a tin. allegedly, he was going to hit him in the face with it. you can see rupert murdoch's wife hit him. she was apparently saying, "no,
5:36 pm
no," while he was saying "note -- "greed." he was being said led away from police. it halted the proceedings for maybe 10 minutes or so -- he was seen being led away from police. they say that they did everything right, turning over the necessary documents to police. they say they have cooperated fully with authorities and that they intend to do so until justice is served. back to you. >> listen. you had better watch where you're going, or you could pay dearly. today, cutting down on texting while walking. >> and more on the crime fighting chihuahua note.
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>> covering a story in florida were a teenager allegedly murdered his parents and then had a party -- where a teenager allegedly murdered his parents. he allegedly had a party in the house while their bodies were in a locked room and. he is now being held without bail. and being stabbed by the victim stepped other companies in grand rapids say a two-year-old grandchild was trying to retrieve a ball. the stepfather witnessed the accident and then stabbed to the driver in the chest. the father was arrested. that man is expected to survive. >> watch where you are going, or you could pay a fine. philadelphia is planning to crack down on texting while walking. starting next month, pedestrians
5:41 pm
looking down at their phones could be affected. and in michigan, just minutes after saying "i do," a bribe was taken into custody for identity theft -- a bright -- bride was taken into custody. and check out this little crime- fighting god. this is paco. paco kept barking and biting at the robbers and eventually scared them off. fortunately, no one was injured. >> little paco is so cute and so brave. how you can save some money on books this year. plus -- >> they have always been really good with the deals. >> it is the final chapter for borders bookstores. they are liquidating assets,
5:42 pm
leaving thousands of people out of work. >> and in arizona, a big does storm. a big storm that reduced visibility to basically zero. >> some big-time heat coming up later this week. we will discuss that in the 7- day forecast. hazy sunshine in the city, 82 of the airport. stay t
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>> coming up on 11 news at 6:00, a crime planned. among the ideas, a tax on bullets. the i-team breaks the rock down for us. and baltimore city police of this year is behind bars. -- a baltimore city police officer is behind bars. of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub.
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>> well, it it is happening again, a giant "haboob" or a big dust storm in phoenix. visibility was lower, causing problems for drivers, as the cloud blocked out the sun shine. experts say the only happens in the sierra desert and parts of the middle east. >> that is crazy. >> it really is. >> a heat advisory or watched a, forecasters say this heat is nearly the worst in a decade -- a he or advisory -- a heat advisory or watched -- a heat advisory. or watch.
5:46 pm
>> in chicago, venturing out men taking cover or taking time to call off. the scorching heat and humidity that has gripped much of the country for weeks has now moved to the northeast, where the majority of states experiencing 90 plus temperatures. >> it has been incredibly persistent, fuelled by the drought across the plains, and it does not seem it is going to be going anywhere anytime soon. >> just outside philadelphia, workers repaired part of an exit ramp that buckled under the extreme heat. in charlotte, road crews also braved the hot sun and even hotter working conditions, making it harder to keep cool. >> taking breaks, financial and shade -- finding some shade. >> workers or run the biggest risk for heat related problems, but doctors say this on going
5:47 pm
heat wave has the potential to affect anyone. >> the single biggest thing is keeping hydrated, and you can use water for this purpose. gatorade is also fine, but it is easy to get behind on your hydration status. >> experts say to pace yourself. in the coming days, there will be no relief. it could reach 100 degrees in parts of the midwest and northeast. >> it is hot. >> yes. one of the things this evening is that the dew points have climbed into the mid 70's. remember, the closer the dew point is to the temperature, the thicker the atmosphere is. it feels like you're walking outside into a thick coat -- a thick sponge. we will get our fair share, i am shirt. >> we do not want to be left out. >> let's take a look at what is happening.
5:48 pm
we have had some scattered thunderstorms develop. nothing severe, but it has cooled things down a little bit. it does not feel any better. the heaviest rain is in cecil county around the northeast and around hagerstown. these storms will be dissipating over the next couple of hours. we are still in the lower 80's pre-empt we topped out in the 90's this afternoon, but we picked up some rain at bwi. some of you got a lot more than that. some neighborhoods have been coming in with more than 1 inch of precipitation, but that was pretty isolated stuff. it is not surprising that some kids up between 1 inches and 11 5 inches of rain. -- that some picked up between 1 inch and 1.5 inches of rain. so far, like i said at the top of the show, the core of the heat is in the midwest. this is all of the way up into the dakotas. this system is going to break down and shipped to the east, so
5:49 pm
the big weather headline for us will be the heat -- is going to break down and shift into the east. sustained winds, 50 miles per hour, so it is weaker than at last night. it is going to stay offshore. it will drift in between the coast in bermuda. in in -- even if you're going to bermuda, you do not have to worry. the forecast for tonight here of home, partly cloudy skies, with a chance of a shower or thunderstorm this evening. the temperatures will drop back into the 70's. tomorrow, about like today. a 20% chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow, and i do not think they will be as widespread as today, the temperature near 95, and then we really crank it up. near 100 thursday and friday. the heat index will be near 105.
5:50 pm
by monday and tuesday of next week, we will drop of the way back into the 80's, something to look forward to. "consumer alert ," some more bad economic news. cisco systems has announced it is laying off 6500 employees, which is about 9% of its work force. they announced in may they would lay off thousands in an effort to cut costs. they will offer assistance for those who have been laid off. it involves the u.s., canada, and some other countries in the first of august. no happy ending for borders after months of trying to find a buyer. the 40-year-old bookstore is closing its doors. due to the economic downturn and other advances, they choked orders. we have the story.
5:51 pm
>> i am pretty upset. they have always been really good with deals. >> when she heard the news that borders would be closing, she rushed to the store on baileys crossroads. she says to booklovers, this is more than just a store. but i can always wonder in and pick something out. online, it is hard to find something if you do not know you want it. >> without receiving a single offer monday, they will begin liquidating their remaining 399 stores, firing nearly 11,000 employees across the country. in a statement, the borders president said, quote, "we were all working hard towards a different outcome, but the headwinds we have and facing, including the book industry, the reader -- e-readers, and other
5:52 pm
changes have brought us to this. >> there is less competition. that will not be good for me or other consumer is. >> but certainly, the news is not grant for all of the book world. students can save money this fall by renting textbooks by using their kindles. in some places, rental prices are as much as 80% lower. they can rent them from 30 days spamalot 365 days -- note from 30 days to 365 days. credit-card companies advise that you let them know when you are traveling. if you are going overseas, you may have trouble that has a magnetic strip on the back because they have switched to cards with an imbedded microchip.
5:53 pm
american express is launching an application on facebook. it is based on cardholder likes and interests. american express will not prompt consumers to spend money up front in order to get that deal. >> thanks. television and radio star ryan seacrest has given a generous gift to a hospital, a new multimedia studio in hospital, designed to help sick children forget about their troubles and have fun. >> it is a television and radio studio. it is designed for these kids to use to interview themselves or interview celebrities, to participate in the creative rome's of media. >> i listened to music for the first two months of treatment, and it helped me to get through rick perry -- through it. >> a pop sensation sang to the
5:54 pm
kids as a girl played guitar, something she taught herself to do while waiting for a new heart. >> still ahead, this has been an issue for many city residents. the high cost of property taxes. >> once city council and has ideas for cutting the current rate in half. -- one city council member has ideas. ideas.
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>> well, you know they say there is a silver lining to every club. some have the nfl walked out -- a silver lining to every cloud. some of the nfl walkout to thank. .>> kim dacey has more. >> nearly 100 young athletes brave to be he to learn new skills of football camp. . brave to the heat -- bra ed -- braved the heat to learn. they also learn from a special coach. >> i love seeing the smiles on their faces. "i love the ravens." the smile on their faces, on a enjoy that. >> and they get a kick of meeting someone they look up to
5:58 pm
vote -- and i enjoy that. >> and they get kicked out of meeting some and they look up to. -- they get a kick out of it. >> he is hoping to pass along a lot more than just technical skills, like speed and footwork. >> there will always be daughters in your life, saying you cannot do stuff. -- there will always be doubters in your life. >> and this is a message for the players, saying they will carry it with them throughout the season. >> one of the things he has stressed on me and the other coaches is the effort and not just the quality of your work, the fact that you never give up. >> they are hoping to make the camp an annual event. in towson, kim dacey, wbal tv 11 news. >> and that is all for us at 5:00. >> and here is a look at what is
5:59 pm
new at 6:00. >> treating smoking pot as a traffic offense, plus a tax on bullets. >> plus, one councilman has a plan to cut property taxes by 50%. i have details straight ahead. >> and a baltimore city police officer is indicted on drugs and firearms. i am lowell melser. wbal 11 news at 6:00 starts now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a new tax is being proposed in baltimore on bullets. >> it comes as a crime plan from otis rolley. >> this would viral after reposted the bullet tax plan on our website. rolley says this is just a small part of his plan. part of his plan.


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